Who Are Llan?

At its core, Llan is a community of spiritual pilgrims.

This means different things to the diverse array of people who participate in Llan. To some, it is simply a recognition that there is more to life than can be touched, seen, heard or smelt, and a curiosity as to what that ‘more’ might be. To others, it is a conscious commitment to a clear if rocky path: being an apprentice of the first century spiritual teacher from Palestine, Yeshua Ben Joseph (or Jesus of Nazareth, as he is more commonly known), learning to live life after his example and teaching. To some, this commitment has led them to experience and claim amazing things about the teacher Jesus, for instance that he is, in some unique way, the very expression and image of Ultimate Reality (or God). To yet others, it means a wrestling with some or all of the above as they try to make sense of the universe and their place in it. Whatever it means to those on the pilgrimage, we try and make room for it in Llan



We have, however, one collective Claim about God that underpins all we do and are:

That God, The Ground of All Being, is absolute and unconditional Love, and as such EVERYTHING is accepted and included by and in God.

Any spiritual journey within the Llan community is ultimately a journey towards an ever deepening experience of this Claim. 

Is Llan a Christian community? Yes, and our Claim is based on traditional Christian theology, but you don’t have to see yourself as ‘Christian’ to join us. The first apprentices of Jesus had no idea who he was, they just recognised there was something uniquely special about him and decided to follow. It is the same with Llan. We do not try and ‘convert’ or coerce anybody to certain beliefs or ways of thinking. In fact, there are really only two prerequisites for journeying with Llan: 1) that you do see yourself as on a journey, 2) that you are able to respect where others are on their journeys even if different from your own.




So this is the community’s raison d’être, its soul, but we express it within a certain framework: of being Cymric, New Monastic and Missional. Each of these facets are explained in detail in the spirituality tab (above), but in brief they mean:

Cymric – We are inspired by the ‘spirit’ of the saints and monastic practices of ancient Britain, especially Wales.

New Monastic – We live by a ‘way of life’ (or ‘rule of life’ in traditional monasticism) and emphasise contemplative practices to help us perceive all things as Loved.

Missional – We actively aim to spread the transformative fragrance of Divine Love, Peace and Joy over the world, starting with the neighbourhoods and families in which we find ourselves.

The community is both gathered and dispersed, meaning that anyone can journey with us no matter where they are geographically, but if you are in/around Cardiff in South Wales the option is available to meet us in person.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming part of Llan, see the Journeying with Llan tab.

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