Engaging with the gathered community

If you are in or around the Cardiff area, there are two ways you can engage with the Gathered Community.

Firstly, you can just come along! Details of our meetings can be found on the What is the Gathered Community page and upcoming events can be found in the calendar. Everyone is welcome, but if it’s your first time please let us know of your intention to come so we can look out for you.


Secondly, a person who has been coming to our meetings for a while and feels connected to Llan might want to explore becoming a committed member. This involves discerning a call to being an apprentice of Jesus within the Llan community and then making promises of commitment that last for six months. After the six month period has ended, the option is available to commit for another six months. The commitment period is six months to recognise that none of us can be wholly certain of where life will take us over an extended period of time, and it may not be feasible or practical to remain committed to the Gathered Community if our life circumstances change.


The process of commitment is similar to that of the Dispersed Community (see the tab). A ‘novitiate’ period must be completed that involves a course of six meetings with an existing member of the Gathered Community to help the novitiate discern a call to the community. The titles of the six meetings are as follows:

– The Vision of Llan: Cymric, New Monastic and Missional

– Cymric: Ancient Wisdom from an Ancient Land

– New Monastic 1: a ‘Mystic’ spirituality (Including an introduction to Christian meditation, contemplative prayer and ‘non-dual’ seeing)

– New Monastic 2: an ‘Dynamic’ spirituality (Including an introduction to Llan’s Way of Life – radical hosting, blessing and journeying)

– Missional: Spreading the Fragrance of Christ

– The Enneagram


During this period the novitiate will also develop a set of personalised ‘rhythms and practices’ that become tools to help them in their journey with Christ. Once this period is completed, the novitiate makes their commitment promises as part of a ‘promises ritual’ in the presence of other committed members. There are two promises:

– To live according to Llan’s Way of Life of radical hospitality, radical blessing and radical journeying (More about the ‘way of life’ can be found on the New Monastic page)

– To fully participate in the community by attending meetings, supporting events and contributing financially

If you would like to know more about any of the above, please get in touch.

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