What is the dispersed community?

Llan’s vision is to create communities of people who are honestly and diligently pursuing their spiritual journeys as apprentices of Jesus. This is the monastic vision of old, and we try to interpret it for a 21st century context. Whereas the most common form of community is local – individuals dwelling in geographical proximity coming together to nurture face to face relationship – this is not a practical reality where other pilgrims on the same path cannot be found. Sometimes, and especially in an age where the internet and social media makes connection across huge distances possible, alternative expressions of community are needed to complement the local.


The Llan Dispersed Community is one such alternative expression. It enables people to connect with Llan on one of two levels, as a Ffrind or as a Pererin, regardless of where they are located.

Ffrind is the Welsh word for friend (pronounced ‘frind’). A Ffrind is someone who supports Llan’s ministry and wants to stay in touch with the community, keeping up to date with news and prayer needs. Becoming a Ffrind simply involves filling out an enrolment form and sending it to us.

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Pererin is the Welsh word for ‘pilgrim’ (pronounced phonetically, the plural is pererinion) and comes from the Latin word peregrinus which means ‘foreigner’ or ‘traveller’. A Pererin is someone who feels called to journey as an apprentice of Jesus within the Llan community. This is a decision not to be taken lightly, and as such the process for becoming a Pererin is much more involved than that of a Ffrind. Firstly, a novitiate period must be completed to help the candidate discern whether they are called to Llan. After this, the candidate makes a series of promises, committing to live as a Pererin for twelve months. Once the initial twelve month commitment has been completed, there are further options to continue as a Pererin should the individual so choose.


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