What does it mean to be part of the dispersed community?

Depending on whether a person is a Ffrind or a Pererin, being part of the Llan Dispersed Community means different things.

As a Ffrind, an individual will receive Llan’s quarterly newsletter and prayer needs, our fortnightly ‘Mystic Musings’ blog posts, and be invited to retreats and quiet days throughout the year.


As a Pererin, an individual will have committed to live according to their promises of commitment, initially for twelve months. These promises are as follows:

1.To live according to the Way of Life through personal ‘rhythms and practices’

2.To develop the ‘Mind of Christ’ through practising and learning about contemplation

3.To find and regularly meet with a ‘Ffrind Enaid’ (Soul Friend)

4.At least once in every twelve months to reflect on their spiritual journey with a Llan Community leader

5.To try and attend Llan’s annual weekend retreat

6.To find out if there is a Llan support group in their area, and if so to try and attend. If there is no group but there are other Pererinion, to form a new one

7.To support and pray for the Llan Community

8.A willingness to be accountable for all of the above

A new Pererin is also strongly encouraged to make a monthly means-appropriate financial contribution to Llan’s ministry, although we do not want financial constraints to prevent anyone who feels called to join.


The first twelve months is known as being on the ‘Grey’ (Welsh: Llwyd) path of commitment. If the Pererin wishes to continue their commitment after the first twelve month period, they will choose which path they wish to follow, the ‘Green’ (Welsh: Gwyrdd), ‘White’ (Welsh: Gwyn) or ‘Blue’ (Welsh: Glas). Each continuing path has a different ‘tone’ that will affect the Pererin’s commitment. At the end of each twelve month period, the Pererin can choose which path to follow for the following twelve months.

For more information on the various paths of commitment, see the Paths of Commitment page.

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