The Paths of Commitment

There are four paths of commitment that a Pererin could choose to follow. The different paths recognise that we are all different people and are on different journeys as we learn from Christ. What is an appropriate commitment for one person at a certain time may not be appropriate for another. This enables a Pererin to be true to their sense of God’s leading, no matter what stage they are at.

The four paths are each named after a colour. Here is a description of each.



The Grey path describes the first twelve months of a Pererin’s commitment. It is compulsory for all, and involves living according to the Pererin promises of commitment as part of the Llan Dispersed Community. After this period has come to an end, should the Pererin wish to continue as an apprentice of Christ within Llan, they must choose which path they will now move on to.

Green/ Gwyrdd


Green is the colour of leaves, which take permanent sustenance from the branch they grow from. In Celtic Christian tradition, ‘green martyrdom’ was a commitment to live out one’s monastic life in one place as part of one community. In Llan, the Gwyrdd path of commitment is a continuation of the Grey path for another twelve months, there is no change. At the end of another twelve months, the Pererin will once again be invited to choose a new path, should they wish to continue.

White/ Gwyn


White is the colour of the wayfaring clouds, which ceaselessly continue their ethereal pilgrimage across the heavens. For Celtic monastics ‘white martyrdom’ involved the monastic pursuing a life of literal pilgrimage and establishing new monasteries as God led. It was a missionary calling, and can be seen in the examples of great saints of old such as Samson, David, Aidan and Patrick. Llan’s White path of commitment has a similar essence; by following it the Pererin is not only affirming their commitment promises, but also commits to exploring and establishing new missional and local Llan communities in the area they live. This path necessitates further provided by the Llan community leader, as well as a (short) process of discernment. The initial commitment period for the White path is twelve months, but may well necessitate a longer commitment if missional projects demand it.



 In many ways the Blue path is the most serious commitment of all. Blue is the colour of the infinite sky which has no limits and of the ocean which covers all the earth and whose depths are fathomless. The Blue path is a lifetime commitment to being an apprentice of Jesus in the Llan community. Like monasticism in the traditional sense, it should only be embarked upon with an unshakable resolve and a strong sense of call. Year on year a Pererin on the Blue path may choose twelve months of the Green commitment or White commitment, but they willingly forgo the option at the end of each twelve month period to cease living by the commitment promises. 

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