Becoming part of the dispersed community


If you are interested in becoming a Ffrind, download the enrolment form here: Ffrind Enrolment Form, complete it and send it back to us. You will then be sent the latest copy of the latest Llan newsletter, the latest blog post and receive a welcome message.

If you would like to explore becoming a Pererin, there are a number of steps that must be completed. Here they are in order:

-Send of an ‘expression of intent’ e-mail to outlining why you want to explore joining the Llan community. Please include your name, home address and preferred method for someone to contact you.

-Complete the seven ‘explorer modules’. These modules help the explorer get a feel for Llan’s vision, ethos and spirituality, as well as help them create ‘rhythms and practices’ and explain the Pererin commitment promises in detail. Each module will be sent out via e-mail once the previous module has been completed and returned. The modules consist of something to read, an exercise (sometimes) and reflection questions to answer. After each module the explorer has the opportunity to discuss it with the leader, or the leader may want to discuss any of the explorer’s answers with them. The module titles are:

1.An Introduction to Llan and our Spirituality: being Cymric, New Monastic and Missional

2.Cymric: Ancient Wisdom from an Ancient Land

3.New Monastic 1: a ‘Mystic’ spirituality (Including an introduction to Christian meditation, contemplative prayer and ‘non-dual’ seeing)

4.New Monastic 2: a ‘Dynamic’ spirituality (Including an introduction to Llan’s way of life – hosting, blessing and journeying)

5.Missional: Spreading the Fragrance of Christ

6.The Enneagram: A Tool for the Journey

7.The Commitments of a Pererin

-A short interview with a Llan Community leader (preferably face to face, but virtually if necessary) in which the explorer shares how they are feeling about a ‘call’ to join Llan

-Fill out and return a Pererin enrolment form (download: Pererin Enrolment Form)

-Participate in a ‘promises ritual’, which take place in South Wales at one of the designated times throughout the year

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